Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kaffee und kuchen with lashings of street cred

Some call currywurst the great social leveler in Berlin, because you’ll see suits and labourers standing side by side, scoffing their fried sausage and sauce at any time of the day or night. However, a far more civilized and indulgent tradition is embraced by people of all ages and ethnicities every day. Kaffee und kuchen – coffee and cake – is held in the same regard as the Brits with their afternoon tea. It should not, however, be confused with the Melbourne convention of “going for coffee” which is strictly flat whites or long blacks (and a couple of Styvo blues, if you’re an arts student). As the name suggests, it’s expected you’ll have your cake and eat it too (none of this asking for one plate and two forks). The fact that there are multiple categories of ‘cake’ in German suggests its socio-cultural significance: ‘kuchen’ is the more homely, baked variety while ‘torte’ might involve a fruit filling in a shortbread case, or ostentatious layers with lashings of whipped cream.

The best place to have kaffee und kuchen on an autumnal afternoon is from the footpath infront of Kreuzberg bakery Mr Minsch (pictured above), around the corner from Meringdamm U-bahn. This neighbourhood is a hot spot for cheap eats – including Curry 36 and Mustafa’s – so, theoretically you could sample the best of Berlin in one afternoon (you might need your stomach pumped to enjoy all three though). It’s a lot more leafy and relaxed amongst the outdoor furniture on Mr Minsch’s patch of Yorckstraße. There’s no café or table service, just an open window from the street into the bakery kitchen, where gigantic freshly-baked and rapidly disappearing cakes lie across bench tops and behind glass-door refrigerators. You can eat on the footpath, or the smiley servers will package your kuchen to take away.

Neurotic/greedy foodies will be familiar with the various streams of order anxiety: standing in line to order and seeing the last few serves selling like… uh… hot cakes; furiously attempting ESP over your server so they prepare you a bigger-than-usual slice; and the post-order panic when you see better options plated up and yours looks distinctly stale and plasticky. None of these will be an issue at Mr Minsch. All cakes are €3 per slice, and serving sizes are perfectly judged so that, no matter how sweet and filling your cake is, you’ll hit the skids at about 85% completion. Pacing yourself is top priority; you’ll definitely need some companions (so you can try more cakes, obviously) and you might need a second coffee (€1.50).

Choosing a fruit-based kuchen is no less decadent than the chocolate (Schoko Schoko) or Blackforest (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte) options. The plum and almond tart (Zweitschgen Kuchen), blueberry and marscapone torte, and apricot marzipan torte are constructed upon a shortbread base that’s sneakily rich but not sickly sweet. An inferior baker might render the cinnamon cake (Zimtkuchen) dry and doughy like a stale croissant, but Mr Minsch combines the cinnamon swirls of an artisan coffee scroll with the custardy sponge of a bread and butter pudding. We didn’t even make it to the cheese cakes – Käsekuchen mit sauerkirsch is currently top of the ‘to do’ list – or the frankly terrifying Eierlikör torte (there’s something egg-noggy going on there), during our research trips. Not yet, at least – we need to squeeze in a few more Mr Minsch dates before Berlin gets too cold for al fresco eating.

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