Friday, September 4, 2009

The Melbourne Design Guide, and a relocation "abroad"

I opened this space at the start of 2009 with the same intentions as most new bloggers: to write about things that interested me outside of the hilarious daily email exchanges to friends, and my 9-5 commitments of corporate copywriting and online content management. Since then, a big exciting freelance project took over my time, and then I decided to pack up my life in Melbourne and make the move to London (via Paris, Marseille, Barcelona and Valencia).

Sadly, I left Melbourne before the launch of the Melbourne Design Guide during the State of Design Festival in July. I'd worked on the project as an Assistant Editor since November last year, and co-ordinated the "Products/Objects" section of the chunky little tome. I think we can all agree it's an impressive development from the first edition, and the graphic design and layout certainly possesses The Wow Factor (what used to be a take-the-piss reference to non-aesthetically-minded clients trying to describe a brief to graphic designers has now, sadly, cemented itself in my vernacular).

It's the perfect housewarming/Christmas/birthday present for an artsy creative who's new to Melbourne. I guess that's the main PR line, although I do think it's Indispensible for any self-respecting hipster going on a first date. The "Eat/Drink" section is so comprehensive I think it lists nearly every bar or restaurant included in last week's 2010 Good Food Guide awards.
Now in London, I'm still freelancing for a few websites back in Melbourne, but looking for regular writing gig. Preferably one that involves a purpose-built workstation that's not a couch, or a leather bench seat with a wooden "desk" that's sticky with cider or beer. In this part of the world, it seems pubs are the new Starbucks for wifi-needy freelancers...

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